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Wasted spark with multiple coils It can also support coil per plug in some installs. For wasted spark you require a minimum of single “missing tooth” crank wheel, only engines with an even number of cylinders being supported. You need at least for 4cyl, for 6cyl or for 8cyl. However, the wheel is probably the easiest to obtain. The MS ECU can drive up to 6 seperate spark outputs, meaning it can run up to a 12 cylinder in wasted spark mode. For a distributor based setup with a trigger wheel, simply follow all of the wheel decoder instructions but rather than setting SparkB, C, etc as outputs as in a wasted spark setup only set LED17 as SparkA output and ensure all other spark outs are NOT set: The downside is that it is more difficult than EDIS and requires extra software settings. Before setting up the wheel decoder, several questions should be asked:

How does an inductive dwell tach work

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I bought my Actron dwell and tach meter to tune up my Cadillac with points in the ignition system. For the price the meter works just perfectly. I would recomend the meter to anyone. One sugestion would be to have heaver leads and clips. view more. I would recommend this product to a friend.

What does a tach do? This is important in performance cars or hard working motors to keep them from overreving which can cause engine damage. On an everyday car they are used very little. If you have a 98 corolla without a tach can you install an instrument panel with a tach and will it work? There should still be a tach wire grouped into the harness plugs.

Just unplug your old one and plug in the new one that’s it. Will the instrument cluster from a Prizm with a tach work in one that doesn’t have a tach My speedometer quit working and I found a salvage one that has a tach Plug ins look identical? For any of you who may have been watching this question, I’ll give you the answer myself.

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How do I hook up my tachometer? Standard Ignition Coil If you have a standard ignition coil you can use the negative terminal of the coil for the signal source. If you have a high output capacitive energy discharge type coil it is recommended that you install a tachometer filter to prevent damage to the tachometer. Ignition Box If you have an ignition box i. If you have a 5V Tachometer signal you can:

Model CP, S/N: This classic, meter is in great shape, and comes with the original packaging, Hook-up sheet with parts breakdown and parts list. Also comes with (2) Sun Tune-up Manuals, and (2) Sun Service checklist wall charts.

Thus polarity of the reluctor signal is critical to proper function. The falling edge of this square wave is used as the trigger event which becomes the rising edge when the optoisolator inverts the signal. HEI does not use the reluctor for dwell control, this is accomplished in the module. Dwell needs to be independent of RPM. Variable reluctor output is RPM dependent with regard to both its width and amplitude of its output. The only thing constant with a variable reluctor output is the location of the zero crossing point with respect to the passing tooth.

Be sure to get the variable reluctor pick-up wires connected properly. Reversing the variable reluctor sensor wires and thus the polarity of the sensor causes the leading voltage to go negative first and the electronics ignores the positive going transition. Thus trigger signal, if ever recognized, is the falling edge of the voltage as the end of the tooth passes.

MSD 6A Ignition Control

January 09, , It sounds like you already have begun teaching yourself how to maintain the car. You will find that we are willing to help. That engine is a strong motor, and when tuned correctly should run very well. If the timing is too far advanced, the car will ping, and also suffer from pre-ignition, which is the engine continuing to sputter and run on after you turn off the key. For a short term fix, keep the car in “drive” when you turn it off while you are looking for the cause.

Don’t hook up the dwell meter to the coil, or you may damage your capacitive discharge system and your meter. Instead, hook the signal wire to the dwell meter directly to .

Twitter If you are planning on being able to adjust your own carburetor or even tinker with a hot rod project, learning how to check and set idle speed is important. Whichever the case, our DIY guide will walk you through and show you how to check and set idle speed no matter what your application. In order to check idle speed, you will require a dwell meter or tachometer at the very least.

If you are not sure what a dwell meter is or how to use one, check our handy How To on using one. Connect the red lead to the distributor or your external coil, whichever the case is in your vehicle. Then ground the black lead of the dwell meter in order to use your dwell meter on your distributor. If your vehicle happens to have positive earth, this position will be reversed on your meter connections. Remove the air cleaner by unscrewing your wing nut and then you are ready to learn how to check idle speed.

Raise parking brake and put the car in neutral Start engine and allow it to warm to operating temperature Wait for butterfly valve on choke to open Using your dwell meter to read the ignition output from your distributor, read the current engine speed and match it against your specifications. The next part of our DIY article on idle speed is learning how to adjust your idle.

If you are have idle speed screw you can adjust idle simply by turning the screw to match the desired engine speed, or RPM. Idle stop solenoids will require you to disconnect the solenoid in order to adjust the idle speed. Disconnect the lead from the solenoid and wait for your engine idle speed to drop.

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To anyone installing the coyote engine and needing Tach help: So far so good with auto meter! Simple set up serves its purpose. Looks decent can not go wrong for price.

Jul 31,  · The old dwell tach that I got in high school (s) with green stamps that I won in a raffle from our football team fund raiser, quit. Found this beauty on eBay still in the box with the tune up .

The different knob positions just changes what it reads. The tach part measures the opening cycle of the points and gives you the rpm. Dwell setting measures the amount of time the points are closed and reads out in degrees. The points setting is an ohm meter. It measures the resistance of the points being closed and it’s needle tells you when the points are good or bad if the condenser is bad or the coil is bad.

You set the points like normal at. That is the max opening at the top of the cam. Dwell measures the closed time and is, I believe 35 degrees. The amount of time the point set is closed. So if your gap is smaller then the Dwell is higher. So you shut it off and align the cam to open the points at maximum.

How to Hook Up a Tach Dwell Meter

Memory is an old friend that will let you down when you need it most. I’ve got a different brand that I’ve not used since ’78 when I changed my ’68 Elcamino to electronic distributor. Ken, I am just going by memory not as good as it used to be and have not used mine since the 80s. I am surprised they are still selling them. I bought mine new off the Mac truck over 30 years ago.

Jun 07,  · I’m back to update you on my dwell / tachometer saga. By way of summary, I purchased a Peerless model Dwell / Tech meter on eBay mainly because I wanted to get a RPM reading on my tractors. I did manage to get the meter working but for the life of me, none of the readings made sense.

The Ignition Module responds by rapidly switching on then off the current in the primary winding of the Ignition Coil. Note that corrosion can build up on the 6 contacts under the Distributor Cap which can eventually cause rough running. Bosch HEI fitted to a V8. Under the Rotor there is 6 or 8 pointed star device 6 points for a 6 Cyl Engine 8 for an 8 Cyl Engine. Photo by Jacks showing the Reluctor removed from the Distributor. This is called the Reluctor. The Reluctor rotates with the Distributor Shaft.

When all the points of the Reluctor pass the matching points on the Outer Ring of the Magnetic Core, a pulse is generated.

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September 30, I have always set the points on my Plymouth using a feeler gauge. I have a ‘s era dwell meter that was my dad’s, but I always just thought it was for 12 V neg. So reading on this forum here recently I saw postings about dwell meters and a dim 6 volt bulb lit up in my head. And also Wankel engines – are those still around??!! My original Plymouth shop manual has the specs for the dwell angle, but does not say or show how to hook it up, any idiot in should have known that!

The last time I used this meter was over 15 years ago on one of my ‘s Power Wagons with electronic ignition to set the idle speed.

Nov 19,  · For this procedure, you will need your Vacuum Gauge, your Dwell/Tachometer, your 1/2″ and/or 7/16″ short box/open end wrench (or your distributor tool), a 1/4″ tool to adjust the Steel Idle Stop Screw, and a blade screwdriver to adjust your Mixture Screw.

Back to Frequently asked questions i Timing Timing your engine is not difficult and the results will astound you for the improvements afforded other problems from idle settings to optimum mileage. It is assumed that you have already performed the Ljetronic Throttle Body Adjustment. All you need to do the job is a timing light and a 10 mm wrench.

A reasonably competent friend is a good idea for increasing amusing banter and decreasing the time you ‘ ll otherwise spend running around the front bumper adjusting the distributor and checking the results with the timing light. Lights vary slightly in their hook ups so read the directions. The one pictured above is fairly standard, attached to the battery and 1 plug wire as noted.

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