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The route is south to the Seafront, east to Rottingdean, west to Shoreham power station then back to the Pier to finish. Several loops to make up the distance to 26 miles. Top folk artists, plus the cream of the local folk music scene. Music, dance, and song, and this year we’ve added in even more events for all the family to enjoy. If you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing you can buy a ticket for the whole weekend. Most family activities are free.

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Get your skateboard accessories at Warehouse Skateboards. For other brand scooter, please tell us the hole size, we will offer Roller Skate Accessories RollerSkateNation We offer a variety of roller skate accessories including protective gear and items to make your skates more awesome!

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The city was understandably famous for having some of the best street skating in the country, with all of its concrete, huge parking lots, and other infrastructure that could be repurposed into a skate-able environment by young people with the guts to risk life and limb jumping curbs and flying off of makeshift ramps. There was a well established link between skate culture and punk rock, and that was my main attraction to skating.

It was exciting and fun, but I was never going to be good at it myself. Three decades later I still own a couple of boards, but I’d probably bust my aging ass if I tried anything any more ambitious than a lazy straight line ride down the block. Despite that knowledge of my limitations, I still like to walk into a skate shop occasionally. A good independent store puts me in touch with my youth, and it also confirms that skating and skate culture has rolled along fine, probably more popular now than it ever was.

You can buy just about anything on the Internet these days, and the are also big chain stores that sell skate gear, but we’re fortunate in Houston to have quite a few independent shops run by folks with a passion for skating and the local skate culture.

5 Houston Skateboard Shops That Rock

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The skateboard decks are made from ultra tough vinyl plastic and come complete with Penny branded trucks and wheels specifically designed for use with the small plastic boards. Penny was founded by Ben Mackay, who says that skateboarding has inspired every part of his life.

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Skateboards and Parts Read this skateboarding deck review. Bam Skateboard Decks http:

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Email In the late 90s, at the height of a skateboard boom and economic prosperity, World Industries was the biggest skateboard company in the world. Not only were they the first skateboard company ever listed on the stock market, but to this day, it remains one of the biggest sales in skateboarding history. Wanting to understand how a skateboard company with such a controversial and unconventional background could sell for such an astronomical amount of money, I tracked down the financial head honcho at the time, Scott Drouillard to get some insight.

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We’ve been slow on the updates here on ShowBiz. Well, in our 15 years we’ve never known Dublin to be a town so devoid of an exclusive social scene and the celebrity conveyor belt seems to have slowed to a stop. Sure, we haven’t had a new one in nigh on three years. Friday night saw some familiar faces looking to sample curries of red, green, and yellow We spotted Six Nations champ Gordon Darcy leaving Today FM’s Ray Darcy show yesterday missing about 2 stone of awesome celtic beardage and sporting a rather nice new rain coat.

Now, we’re not sure what vibe he’s going for but the trendy garment reminded us of a green wax version of the jackets the brave Bering Sea trawler men wear on The Deadliest Catch tv show. Has the Irish weather got that bad folks? There was an unidentified singing superstar hanging around Dublin over past week with her mogul rapper husband and their wee cute baby girl.

Yet, no one in Ireland knew who they were?

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The market for skate shoes on the other hand has been rapidly shrinking in diversity, becoming more and more consolidated beneath a few big companies. In such an aggressive climate where many iconic skater-owned shoe brands are shutting up shop, Kevin Furtado, the former brand director of Dekline , is willing to do what most sane people are not, start a brand new one up in these crazy times.

We talked to Kevin about his plan for making sure his brand, State Footwear , survives. One of them has to do with the team riders and the people we want to associate ourselves with. I wanted to work with skateboarders that are in all kinds of regions.

As the newest addition to our custom shop programs, our sock program can hook your shop up with custom branded crew socks from SOCCO! Crew socks have always been a big part of skateboarding and have made a comeback lately thanks to companies like Toy Machine, Krooked, and Spitfire.

Use CDX or better grade plywood. Particle board is not acceptable for any skate structure, period. Then measure from the hole you just drilled, the length of the transition radius. In this case, 6′ Using a straight edge, mark this and the notch for the coping to complete the transition. Cut the transition With a jig saw , very carefully cut on the lines you drew for the transition. Once cut, you can use this as your template to trace the three remaining transition sides.

Most ramps are made in 4′ sections but this ramp is small enough to get away with an 8′ span. Cut the templates and set them aside. This includes the deck portion as well. These add extra support for the deck and need to be placed on each side in both transition sections. Once this has been done, repeat the process for the second transition section and set them aside for now.

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Hook Ups Assembly Ayumi 8. Hook Ups Assembly Bunny Girl 8. Hook Ups Assembly Cooking Mama 8. Hook Ups Assembly Hoot-Ups 8. Hook Ups Assembly Jet Pilot 8.

– Free Grip with all decks – Decks can be gripped for you – Free Shipping Australia wide – All products from licensed distributors – 60 Day Return Policy.

CONTACT NOW j55 api 5ct steel The j55 api 5ct steel that provided by katalor are mainly used for petroleum, natural gas, liquid transportation, offshore platform construction, railway and bridge construction. In addition, we also can supply the steel processing parts. Skateboard Accessories – Warehouse Skateboards Explore the largest selection of new skateboard accessories in stock now. Get your skateboard accessories at Warehouse Skateboards. For other brand scooter, please tell us the hole size, we will offer Roller Skate Accessories RollerSkateNation We offer a variety of roller skate accessories including protective gear and items to make your skates more awesome!

Get these accessories for your skates. Product Features The hook can be used for hangging bags, water bottle etc, very useful.


The core spreads the heat through the wheel and stops the bearings which get super hot at speed melting the Urethane. Exposed cores work better for heat dispensation than internal cores. Keep your bearings clean and lubed… The core also helps to maintain the circular integrity of the wheel, which helps to prevent egging and flatspots. Cored wheels are also faster on smooth surfaces, as there is less urethane to compress and rob you of your speed — but this means that large-cored soft wheels can be quite slow over rougher surfaces.

The position of the core in the wheel also makes a big difference to how the wheel grips, slides and wears. Centerset cores Where the core is in the middle of the wheel as you look down on it.

This is an incomplete listing of skateboard distribution companies, and the companies that they run, as well as what each company puts out. It should be noted that unless the company expressly designs clothes, it was omitted from the listings, due to nearly every company having its own line of shirts, etc. Accessories were omitted for the same reason.

Previous Next Kevin McCoubrey has been collecting skateboards for about 20 years. Check out our full discussion below. I lurked on Skull and Bones forum for years, as well as a few Facebook collector groups. Years ago before deck collecting blew up, there was a smaller community of collectors that helped each other find boards they were looking for, and trading was pretty common.

At what point did you consciously start collecting skate decks? Do remember some of your first acquisitions? I worked at a skate shop in my hometown from What is your criteria for collecting? The only criteria for me is that I genuinely like the company, artist or rider. Are there any decks that you want, but have not yet found?

What is your most valuable skate deck? The value to me is the nostalgia factor, bringing back memories of skating a certain board back in the day, or because it was a gift from a friend or loved one. Thrasher is the bible. There are also lots of other great regional and and smaller DIY zines out there.

Vintage Skateboards

Good ole Doc Barrett. The biggest Quack of them all. Steve Vogel You must be God Zilster Please explain your comment , unless you work for a pharmaceutical company , in which no need to explain. Facts of Life From what I have read from research the seeds are only poisonous when they are turned into a gas. I have yet to read about a person dying from ingesting the seeds of fruit.

Madrid has teamed up with the Netflix Original “Stranger Things” for some epic shred sleds! Protect yourself from the Demogorgon with this Stranger Things 2 Eleven Skateboard Deck.

Slides skateboarding In addition to its role as a braking technique, sliding has evolved into its own discipline within skateboarding, with riders performing various tricks and rotations while sliding. Specific slides include the coleman slide, bert slide, and pendulum. Sliding can be performed on any wheel. Harder wheels a will slide less smoothly and break traction easier while softer wheels a will be harder to break traction but will lead to a smoother more controllable slide.

Softer wheels, especially a , tend to wear out faster. Slides can be done standing upright or with one or two hands placed on the road to allow the rider to execute technical slides in any number of positions. When performing hands-down slides, protective slide gloves must be worn. These gloves can be purchased or made at home. Sliding gloves can also be bought online or at local skate shops. Slides can also be performed on banks and transitions in a skate park.

When a skater slides to a complete stop, it is called a shutdown slide. A drift that reduces the rider’s speed without bringing him to a complete stop is called a speed check. Riders will also do a partial slide called a pre-drift before a corner to trim speed and then hook back up and grip the corner. When the board rotates more than 90 degrees and then returns to its original position over the course of the slide it is called a pendulum.

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In the celebrated documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, Venice was a forgotten slum by the sea. Out of the wreckage of Abbot Kinney’s dream town gone bad, roamed young surfers searching for outlets after the surf got blown out. They found it through an aggressive approach to skateboarding never seen before.

Then came urethane, an oil-based composite that provides a satiny ride compared with clay, and by the early ’70s skateboard manufacturers were back in business, mounting their decks on these.

Snowboarding Snowboarding is a thrilling sport that involves some coordination, determination and a desire to have fun. You’re not alone if you’re nervous about hitting the slopes out for the first time. With the right snow gear, a lesson and a positive attitude, you’ll be linking turns in no time. Thousands of newbies learn how to stand sideways every year, and it’s proof that the growing sport can be picked up by almost anyone.

You will fall at the beginning, but don’t worry – the snow is soft and you won’t fall going at high speeds when you first start out. The great news is that once you fall, you can get right back up and try again! Snowboarding is worth the effort, though. Learning is part of the fun and you’ll feel like a rockstar when you make it down the hill or half the hill without falling for the first time. Dress for Snowboarding Wear a water resistant snowboard jacket and snow pants.

Don’t forget goggles to protect your eyes and for maximum visibility. A helmet is a must. Almost everyone wears a helmet these days, so don’t feel like you’ll look like a newbie! It should fit snug, but not too tight. Cotton gym socks won’t cut it.

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